On Monday, 16 June 2014 at 17:59:13 UTC, Sönke Ludwig wrote:
Am 15.06.2014 19:35, schrieb Bob Tolbert:

One thing that would be nice is support for multiple help screens (e.g. one per command). For DUB [1] (or GIT) for example there is one main help screen that lists all commands along with common options and then one help screen per command that lists the individual arguments, options and a summary of what the command does. But maybe for such more complex CLIs it starts to be more efficient to use a programmatic approach.

if you have a look at the gitD examples, they do just this. If you do

    gitD --help

you get the general help for gitD, but if you do

    gitD push -h
    gitD help push

you get the help for the sub-command "push"

so doing this with 'dub' would be pretty simple.

And you don't have to use external sub-commands either. You can parse the basic args with the general doc string and then based on the sub-command chosen, re-parse with the options specific to that sub module.

I haven't looked at the dub source code, but I'd be happy to help sketch out how this might work there specifically.


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