On Monday, 14 July 2014 at 11:57:33 UTC, Dragos Carp wrote:


I think something got wrong on building the 2.066.0-b3. The sources from dmd.2.066.0-b3.linux.zip are not the same with the tagged version 2.066.0-b3 in git (for dmd at least).

For example:
unzipped dmd2.066-b3/src/dmd/nogc.c:65
if (v && (v->storage_class & (STCmanifest | STCstatic)) == 0 && v->init)
git v2.066.0-b3 dmd/src/nogc.c:65
if (v && !(v->storage_class & STCmanifest) && !v->isDataseg() && v->init)

Maybe you should rebuild this or simply ignore -b3 and create a -b4.

Because of improper tagging, testing actual binaries of -b3 makes no sense.


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