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        I've been running beta2, and I noticed that class debugging isn't
        working. There was a discussion some time back about how class
        weren't evaluated correctly in Win64, and it was said that it
        was fixed
        in master.
        I was excited and patiently awaiting the release.

        Can anyone who knows about this stuff comment?

    You have to use -gc instead of -g to enable the '.' to '@'
    translation inside class names.

Shouldn't that be the default then? It's no good not being able to view
class members...

Please convince Walter, I was unsuccessful. In his favor, there are debug engines that understand type names with '.', like mago. It would be strange to burden these with '@'.

I guess I'll have to add some "best option for selected debug engine" to Visual D, though.

Are you sure that's the problem? If I inspect a class, it shows a grid
populated with the proper number of members, but the member names are
blank and the values are blank too.
Occasionally, if there are many members, the first 10 or so are blank,
but then the rest display properly from there down. It's very strange...
you haven't experienced this?
If the problem is as you say, I'm surprised that it would occasionally
work past the first 10 members or so...

That was exactly my experience, too, and led to the workaround (this was long before Win64 support, though). If there is a better solution, please speak up ;-)

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