On Monday, 18 August 2014 at 21:57:19 UTC, bearophile wrote:
Vladimir Panteleev:

I agree, I am also surprised that 2.066 was released despite the regressions.

There is an apparently endless stream of regressions, I have found another today (https://issues.dlang.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13321 ). I think D is not yet at the stage of its development where it can hope to fix all the regressions. So if you try to wait for all regressions to be fixed, you never ship a compiler version, and this has serious disadvantages. So better to be a little more practical for now. 2.066 has took ages to come out, it was overdue. I hope 2.067 will come out much quicker.


I have checked the regression list daily since something like b3 - amount of "hard" regressions was steadily going down and many of newly added one were trivial and fixed quickly. Last time I checked there were only 2-3 really problematic cases (including one I have mentioned).

Idea is quite simple - if we are incapable of doing compiler release without regressions, we should stop doing compiler releases until we learn how to do it. Risk of reputation damage we may get with 2.066 costs much more than delaying release even for several months. Remember, we are speaking about regressions, not even about critical bugs.

I also propose to start 2.067 beta branch right now and declare it yet another bug-fixing release.

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