On Sunday, 5 October 2014 at 21:13:01 UTC, Kagamin wrote:
On Friday, 3 October 2014 at 11:25:59 UTC, eles wrote:
Debian and Debian-based asks you to confirm file overwrite (usually, the diff is displayed too).

Isn't it the same package manager? It should be able to do the same on mint. Or may be fstab can be copied somewhere and then back at some point?

It should be the same, but I am never sure about the homegrown patches that the Mint team applies (for example, they applied that patch that presents "update packs").

Truly rolling or only security updates?

Actually, a kind of releases, every 6 months, but that only comes down to updating the Mint plug-ins and a selected handful of programs (probably, browser, update manager and e-mail clients). There is no much difference wrt a rolling release, because the code base does not change. Basically, the "releases" will be nothing else that some glorified update packs, so basically the same that LMDE does today. Call it a "semi-rolling". At least this is my understanding of it.

Well, I'm ok with a fresh install.

My advice is to wait a bit for the new LMDE to get out. Installing LMDE now as the current model approaches its end of life is not the best, since mostly sure, you'll have to do it again since they change the code base (from testing to stable).

But can it run under the target linux itself? Or rather what to run from the disk? Since mint4win installation is a virtual disk, I'm not sure the installer will find it gracefully, they're usually partition-oriented. Not sure if this eliminates problem with fstab though.

Sorry, I have no direct experience with Mint directly, I extrapolate my understanding of other distribution to it, from the comments. Could not answer to those questions as they require first-hand experience.

Anyway, if you feel a bit adventurous, the current LMDE model is somewhat continued by a distribution called SolidXK (google it) and a new-comer on the scene is Tranglu, that I just installed in a VM and which looks very promising (a mix of Debian Stable, Testing and Unstable, release-style, but hopefully with undisruptive upgrades).

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