On 2014-12-17 20:51, Christian Schneider wrote:

OMG, what did you do? all my beautiful appkit and foundation header
files are destroyed! do you plan any other such attacks?

Hopefully no :)

lol, i must admit, i was a bit shocked about this sudden surprise. what
is the main motivation? i thought the old style looked good because it
made visually clear that it was glue into objective-c, as it looked very

The reason for the change is that the old syntax, [foo:bar:], required language changes wheres the new syntax, @selector("foo:bar:"), doesn't. When D/Objective-C was initially created D didn't support UDA's, that's why a new syntax was invented. If D had supported UDA's back then, that would most likely have been used.

Hopefully this will also increase the chances of D/Objective-C being merged with upstream DMD.

with a little scripting / string processing i can adapt to the
new style, i guess.

I updated all the tests quickly with some global search and replace using regular expression.

/Jacob Carlborg

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