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Ok, some more info:

I changed the mapping in tableview.d to:

void setDoubleAction(void __selector(ObjcObject))
[setDoubleAction:] ;

That's indeed the best way to do it.

This should be the way to do it. Now in the implementation of the

      void doubleClickAction(ObjcObject sender) {
          NSLog("double click action") ;
          NSLog("the sender: %@", sender) ;

This works fine and prints the log:  2014-11-04 10:01:57.967
tableview[9988:507] the sender: <NSTableView: 0x7f8309f156b0>

But now I would like to do something with this sender, like I do
often in an Objective-C project:

NSTableView tableView = cast(NSTableView)sender ;

I get a  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV) on this line. Only when I
replace both ObjcObject with NSObject (in tableview.d, the
mapping, and the target action) this cast works. I might be
missing something obvious here.

There is no test for interface-to-class casts in the D/Objective-C test suite, which means you're likely the first person to try that. It's probably just an oversight in the compiler code.

Michel Fortin

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