The reason for the change is that the old syntax, [foo:bar:], required language changes wheres the new syntax, @selector("foo:bar:"), doesn't. When D/Objective-C was initially created D didn't support UDA's, that's why a new syntax was invented. If D had supported UDA's back then, that would most likely have been used.

Hopefully this will also increase the chances of D/Objective-C being merged with upstream DMD.

OK! Yes I understand, the merge with upstream DMD is one of the most important things, i totally agree.

I updated all the tests quickly with some global search and replace using regular expression.

Regex is one of my weaknesses. If you don't mind sharing yours (and if you have them still lying around) please send to schneider at, this would be greatly appreciated, and would make my life a bit easier.

this is all a great and exciting adventure ;)

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