On Thursday, 11 December 2014 at 12:50:04 UTC, Martin Nowak wrote:
Nice, that I can finally get hold of you Brad. Need your help on three topics.

Cam we please rework the download folder structure? It's a PITA to work with, see https://github.com/travis-ci/travis-build/pull/340/files#diff-ac986a81b67f1bd5851c535881c18abeR91.
Most obvious idea, make a sub folder per version.

We need some sort of LATEST redirect, you cannot expect all downstream maintainers to update their scripts for each release.

And last we need dlang.org on the auto-tester. The documentation breaks with many pull requests. Just building would be enough for now, though it's a nice reward for people if they could see the result of their pull.



Brad, are we going to see this ? It could be VERY useful for some tools.

Also, thank you Martin, Iain and David for this. It was really needed :)

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