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> Initially, I've used libpng for loading images.
> But it is compatible only with some particular version of 
> libpng.so
yep, libpng sux too.

> Probably, it makes sense to move to SDL_image. But it looks like 
> it requires SDL as dependency.
it would be not that hard to write a native D png loader. and, maybe,
simplistic but working jpg loader, as we have jpegd and stb_image
libraries, which can be easily ported. bwah, i believe that i've seen
stb_image already ported.

> Does it work ok on linux?
it works ok... at least it was ok last time i checked. ;-)

> Let me check imlib2 as well.
it's a plugin-based image reading/writing library, with a very simple C
interface. it can use various libraries to read png, jpeg and so on.
not very popular, though.

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