On Tuesday, 13 January 2015 at 00:22:33 UTC, Mike wrote:
I have a suggestion for any compiler implementers: How about a talk on how to get started hacking the compiler. Something that may lower the entry barrier and encourage participation.

Some random thoughts:
* General structure of the compiler
* Walk through the data flow: Lexer -> parser -> AST -> backend
* How to add a new compiler switch (e.g. -fnotypeinfo)
* How to add a new attribute (e.g. @notypeinfo)
* What's your workflow for debugging the compiler?
* Pick a bug, and fix it (Live demo)
* Overview of CTFE and how it's implemented
* (I'm sure you can think of more)

I realize there's documentation on the wiki, and some of this was discussed briefly at DConf2013, but there's more that can be done to make it accessible and interesting.


Sounds like a good subject for Daniel Murphy to talk about. He spent a good hour explaining to me how a linker works in the Aloft bar after most people had retired (thanks for that, Daniel) and he certainly knows dmd extremely well.

I saw this talk from PyCon awhile back and it made me immediately wish there were something like it for dmd: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGF3Qu4dUqk

Hastings just steps through the python interpreter attached to
gdb (not live) and explains the structure of CPython as he goes.
It's extremely informative for would-be CPython hackers.

Do we know if the DConf 2015 talks will be recorded?

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