On 2/1/15 7:48 AM, Mathias LANG wrote:
This is arguably the most well-defined goal here, but at the same time,
it sounds strange to judge the contributions by the numbers of pull
request. We could top that number -and I'm afraid we'll be tempted to do
so- by submitting a streamline of pull requests fixing trivial doc
problems / mispelling (I'm not saying docs P.R. are worthless), or
implementing trivial functions.

Yah, Walter is also unconvinced of such metrics. There's anecdotal evidence the use of simple metrics could go either way, the risk for abuse being obvious.

However lack of measurable metrics on account of them being open to abuse may lead to lack of progress. I've had excellent experience with good use of metrics and proxies, and I trust our community there's little motivation to look good by playing the numbers.


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