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>> I don't use Dub
> You really should!  I put it off for months and months but I'm quite
> happy with it now.

dub is very limited tool. first: it can't do separate compilation. some 
of my modules, for example, do alot of CTFE things (including parsing 
disk files) and eating memory like crazy. there is simply no way to to 
batch compiles for me. besides, batch compile means that if i'll change 
one line in one module, dub will recompile them all, so i forced to group 
modules to libraries by size, not by intent.

second: dub can't compile code in other languages. some of my projects 
includes several C modules, for example, and my build tool has no 
problems building that and automatically tracking dependencies.

third (it's an extension of second, actually): track arbitrary 
dependencies and exec arbitrary tools to generate some files based on 
that dependencies.

dub is good, but only in limited use cases. so it's almost no sense in 
using dub if some use cases are not suitable for it: it's way better to 
adapt build tool that one already using (or write his own) instead of use 
TWO build tools for different projects.

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