On Mon, 02 Feb 2015 08:35:07 +0100, Jacob Carlborg wrote:

> On 2015-02-02 06:57, ketmar wrote:
>> dub is good, but only in limited use cases. so it's almost no sense in
>> using dub if some use cases are not suitable for it: it's way better to
>> adapt build tool that one already using (or write his own) instead of
>> use TWO build tools for different projects.
> Dub should have been two tools, one for package management and one for
> building.

i agree with you. the best thing of dub -- package management and 
dependency management -- should be easily accessible. something like "pkg-
config", but with ability to download/install/uninstall/upgrade packages. 
i.e. pkg manager like "apt" ;-), plus "pkg-config" functionality to allow 
using in various build tools.

but i think that it's too late now to separate this dub parts. :-(

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