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I think you need to install the ogg libraries. Derelict, which Dgame uses, only provides bindings to the C/C++ libraries. You
still need to get the those libraries for things to work.

Sorry I cannot help more. On linux it's just a matter of using the pkg manager (apt, pacman, yum etc.) On MAC I have not idea.

I can confirm Dgame 0.4.1 is now working on Linux (Debian x86_64)
after I did a dub upgrade.


That is nice to hear. It works for me on Windows 8.1. Someone with
a Mac here?

I'll try tomorrow if no-one else has.

I have a Mac. OS Yosemite 10.10. Macbook Pro 2011. Intel HD 3000,
16gb of ram, i5 CPU.

When I run one of your Dgame tutorials I get this error:
Derelict loaded GL version: GL21 (GL21), available GL version: 2.1
Your OpenGL version (21) is too low. Need at least GL 3.0.

That is strange. Every PC should be be capable to launch at least
OpenGL 3.0. Did you try to update your graphic driver?

You can't really upgrade your graphics driver on a mac.

Stackoverflow says it is possible. One guy's fix was something like:

Cause apparently it supports it.

On OSX you can load either "legacy" version of OpenGL so 1.x/2.x or 3.x+. Not both. I found this out for Devisualization.Window. Most likely dgame by default is loading it in legacy mode.

Text tutorial doesn't work either on Mac. Just a blank white screen.

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