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> I imagine you are correct.  I understand that Google can't take 
> everyone, and they no doubt have some tough choices, so I don't feel 
> that we have been unfairly treated in any way.  I am hoping though 
> we can get some feedback so that next year's entry can be better 
> though.

I am sure that in some sense many projects are treated unfairly, it is 
just a sort of arbitrary unfairness rather than any specifically 

Clearly D satisfies the "is not a minuscule niche", "has reasonable 
mentors", "has projects", "is FOSS", and the fail of "could fund this 
some other way". My guess would be the "can be done in 8 weeks by a 
student" was seen as the problem for too many of the proposals.

It will be interesting to see if the total number of internships is 
smaller to match the decrease in organizations.

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