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I have been working on an editor written in D for use with D for some
time now and have made a blog post about it.

Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.




This is an impressive work. I's really nice to see a presentation of how much help can be provided from the D editor and existing language

I have several questions as well:

1. Was the libdparser integrated with extension system or is it
embedded in the core?

Done with the extension system.

2. What are the dependencies?

sdl2, opengl, freetype, libdparse (if you want the extension for D

I am keeping an eye on some of the native D input/window libraries that is being worked on in the hope of being able to replace the SDL2

Please file any enhancement requests for any Devisualization projects you need. It would help me know what is needed of them more.

3. How hard it would be to change the feel&look of the gui as it is in conventional editors (Visual, MonoDeveop, GtCreator, Eclipse). I mean
menus, buttons, views etc?

Would require some more views/controls to be created. The styling is done through CSS sheets. A common subset of CSS keys are supported but
maybe a few more would be needed.
What is the purpose of the widgets in deadcode

Up to your imagination!

Personally I will probably use them to integrate 3rd party tools or create small helpers in my day to day work that are currently small bash/bat scripts. Using D for scripting this way would be very nice imho.

Of course the editor itself can (and does) make use of such widgets to show misc. info about you project state.


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