Some people have shown interest in getting access to the source code of the Deadcode editor. I haven't done this earlier because of lots of dirty bits I wanted to clean up first.

But I figured that it was better to get early feedback on dirty code than too late feedback on shiny code.

I have also opened access to the WIP website and the Trello board I use. In case anyone ends up contributing just ask for Trello edit access.

Here you go...

Website:   http://deadcode.steamwinter.com
Changelog: http://deadcode.steamwinter.com/downloads/Changelog.txt
Trello:    https://trello.com/b/ufLqwxVW

There are binaries for windows on the website but I have not verified them working on something other than the same machine I work on. So cannot tell if it work as expected - please tell about any issues.

I'll work on improving first time experience but let me known what you think.



I currently use Deadcode when coding Deadcode itself except for debugging. I have not used it for other projects yet so you may find issues there.

Keybindings are a mostly emacs like but with some other standard included like ctrl+c/v copy/paste etc. The keybindings file can be changed to fit your needs if you don't like emacs style.

Useful shortcuts to know:

ctrl + m will show build panel
ctrl + p will show command buffer listing commands
ctrl + , will let you select current dub project files
ctrl + n new extension/file
f7 build dub project and show issues panel
f8 frame next build issue in panel and open file on line

Lots of other goodies I need to put in the docs soon.

You move the window on the menu button only (maybe I'll change that later - dunno)

Mac and linux build are on the roadmap.

You might need to boostrap your keybindings file to make it interesting. Haven't got around to automate this yet.

copy the file below to C:\Users\your-login\AppData\Roaming\DeadCode\


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