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Now, with the `-b binary` option, reggae creates an executable called "build" in the build directory (i.e. wherever the CWD was when calling the tool) that knows how to build the project. If needed, there is no longer a dependency on make or ninja. I haven't tested it extensively, but it does pass all the other tests I wrote for make and ninja, so it looks good.

I like what you're doing with reggae, and I salute the work.

I will reiterate my suggestion to consider making Reggae a simple package import so this build functionality can be used in anyone's D program, including the Reggae tool.

We already have the ability to generate a binary with the compiler, so the binary backend seems a little redundant. You have all the great features one would need: Targets, dependencies, flags, build driver, etc... so it seems plausible to move some of your driver code to the payload/reggae package to make one's task of building a custom driver trivial.

I don't suggest making a libreggae library as a separate repository from the Reggae tool, but rather simply do the refactoring to make payload/reggae folder importable from any D program, including the Reggae tool itself.


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