On Thursday, 2 July 2015 at 22:55:51 UTC, Laeeth Isharc wrote:
It would be v helpful to have a Datetime conversion from D. Looks like there is a macro for converting from ymd in datetime.h, so I guess one could just write some code against this API in C, D, or Cython and link it in with D so one can transfer data structures over more easily.

I know just enough about that topic to be very scared.

I should be able to call these from D without changing PyD, I think, for D to Python. Not sure about Python to D, but maybe.



It's already in deimos, but you need to call PyDateTime_IMPORT(); before calling the conversion function.

So all that is needed is the following:

module example;
import std.datetime;
import std.stdio;
import pyd.pyd;
import std.conv;
import deimos.python.datetime;

DateTime foo()
    return DateTime(1999,1,1);
extern(C) void PydMain() {
ex_d_to_python((DateTime dt) => PyDateTime_FromDateAndTime(dt.year,dt.month,dt.day,dt.hour,dt.minute,cast(int)dt.second,0));

Ideally, shouldn't PyD do this for you ? I think the code is already there in make_object.d, but it doesn't work - maybe because PyDateTime_IMPORT() has not been called if it needs to be.



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