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Actually, they only need to follow it up what they guaranty will work.
If you debug some Swift code mixed with Objective-C, you'll notice that
every call to a Swift method from Objective-C first passes through a
thunk function (not dissimilar to my first D/Objective-C bridge made
using D template mixins). Now, suppose you override this function from
the Objective-C side, only the thunk gets overriden and Swift calles and
Objective-C callers will no longer call the same function.

I haven't verified anything, but that's my theory.

Hmm, I see. I imagined something similar would need to be done for the new exception handling in Swift 2, but for every method, that was unexpected.

Now when Swift goes open source someone can just have a look and see what's going on :)

/Jacob Carlborg

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