On 25/08/15 6:42 AM, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
Hello everyone,

Following an increasing desire to focus on working on the D language and
foundation, I have recently made the difficult decision to part ways
with Facebook, my employer of five years and nine months.

Facebook has impacted my career and life very positively, and I am
grateful to have been a part of it for this long. The time has come for
me, however, to fully focus on pushing D forward. As sorry I am for
leaving a good and secure career behind, I am excited many times over
about the great challenges and opportunities going forward.

Oh well, I hope we have somebody else on the inside :/
But I do appreciate that sacrifice.

Next step with the D Language Foundation is a formal talk with the
foundation's prospective attorney tomorrow. I hope to get the foundation
in motion as soon as possible, though I'm told there are numerous steps
to complete. I will keep this forum posted about progress.

I'm also glad to announce that the D Language Foundation already has a
donor - I have decided to contribute my books' royalties to it. I
encourage others to respond in kind.

I would love to do the same. But I need the money currently.
If you get leanpub to accept the foundation as a charity once it is setup, I'll do a split share :)

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