On Monday, 28 September 2015 at 14:26:35 UTC, Chris wrote:
It's best to keep it as general as possible (within reason). There is the temptation to think like an engineer and be very specific, but this will only attract a small audience, i.e. those that look for "vector swizzling". IMO, it makes more sense to have the article come up, when somebody types "game development vectors" or "game development dlang". And don't forget that a good title catches the reader's attention when s/he just skims through a homepage / search results, regardless of whether or not s/he's looking for "vector swizzling".

I really don't like blog posts that have overly broad titles when the subject matter is technical. I think the title should be as specific as possible so that I know if it's something I care about. If I see a general title about game development that refers to something that only touches a specific aspect of it, one that I'm not interested in, I'll just feel like I've wasted my time. Moreover, when I am doing a search for something specific, the blog title is often all I pay attention to as I can the search results. A more specific title helps out a lot.

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