On Monday, 28 September 2015 at 10:02:20 UTC, Chris wrote:

Hi, I've just read the post. It's nice, it doesn't waste the reader's time and comes straight to the point (apart from highlighting D's strength). I agree, however, that the title could have been better in terms of attracting readers. Since you mention game programming, maybe it would be good to mention it somehow in the title, something to this effect:

"A common problem in game programming and how D solved it"

or something like that.

In this way someone who's interested in game programming may read it or at least take note of the fact that D is mentioned in the context of game programming (and offers solutions). You would want to think less like an engineer when writing and more like an editor / PR guy who wants to get readers interested. Good headlines are the most difficult part.

I think it's a perfect title. "vector swizzling" is a common term for anyone working with the graphics side of games and is also applicable outside of games development for any graphics programming. Good keyword title.

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