On Tuesday, 29 September 2015 at 04:19:58 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
On Monday, 28 September 2015 at 14:26:35 UTC, Chris wrote:

I really don't like blog posts that have overly broad titles when the subject matter is technical. I think the title should be as specific as possible so that I know if it's something I care about. If I see a general title about game development that refers to something that only touches a specific aspect of it, one that I'm not interested in, I'll just feel like I've wasted my time. Moreover, when I am doing a search for something specific, the blog title is often all I pay attention to as I can the search results. A more specific title helps out a lot.

It depends on what the blogger in question wants. If s/he wants to draw attention to D in general and give examples of how D is useful to solve certain problems (e.g. with templates, mixins etc), then the title should be more general. The next article might be about processing big data in D - then it should have "big data" in the title/tag/keywords and not just something that refers to one specific aspect of big data handling. The point is that if people see D being associated with various aspects of programming (games, big data), it gets them interested in D in general.

If, however, the blogger only wants to talk about D to people who already use D, then s/he might as well be more specific.

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