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BTW: Is there a reason why the code is GPL licensed? I understand
that people might want to use more restrictive licenses, but isn't
LGPL a better replacement for GPL when writing library code? Doesn't
the GPL force everybody _using_ fast.json to also use the GPL license?

See: http://stackoverflow.com/a/10179181/471401

I think that you might be able to link code with various other
compatible, open source licenses against it, but you definitely can't
link any proprietary code aganist it.

Yes, you can. GPL only affects distribution of executables to third
party, it doesn't affect services. Maybe you are thinking of AGPL, which
also affects services. But even AGPL allows internal usage.

No, you cannot link against GPL library without making your code also
GPL. "Services" I don't think have anything to do with this, we are
talking about binary linking.

This is the real reason I'm not a huge fan of *GPL. Nobody can understand it!

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