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Digitalmars-d-announce wrote:
> On 10/17/15 4:06 PM, suliman wrote:
> > Can anybody outside USA join to the foundation?
> As a member, yes. We'll define private and corporate membership with
> sponsorship levels etc.
> As an officer, I'm not sure; I'll ask. Anyway we want to keep the number
> of officers small for the time being.

I think that it's going to need to be made clear what it even means to be
either a member or an officer. And does any of that relate to the
development teams for the various d-programming-language projects on github?
While having an official, legal entity for D aside from Digital Mars is
certainly a big step, I'm not sure that it's at all clear what it really
means or how it will affect D aside from the fact that it's an entity to
which people can donate money and which will then spend that money towards
the betterment of D. Certainly, none of that is clear to me, and I expect
that it's the same for many others (and much of it may be completely
undecided at this point, but these are details that are going to need to be
clear to the D community at some point and which aren't necessarily
particularly clear right now).

- Jonathan M Davis

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