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Thanks for the inquiry. We've had our first organizational meeting
during which we decided to proceed with creating an EIN (Employer
Identification Number), which we have since acquired: 47-5352856. Also
we decided to proceed with creating a bank account. I'm currently
investigating choosing an appropriate bank, preferably United Bank of Do
Not Rip Me Off. Suggestions welcome. We'll also proceed with inquiring
for an accountant to deal with foundation's yearly taxes.

To address your question: there are currently three officers: Walter
Bright (President), Ali Çehreli (Secretary), and myself (Vice President
and Treasurer). A member is a supporter and possibly sponsor of the
Foundation. We're considering several membership kinds (e.g. honorific,
student, individual, corporate) and levels, some that entail a
sponsorship, and some that involve no monetary involvement.

An officer is an administrator of the Foundation. We have been advised
independently by our attorney and by a different foundation creator that
we should keep officers to a minimum, three being the sweet spot.

Please create a new thread with the above summary or something similar.

More officers means more politics. So we're moving forward with three
officers for the time being. Of course the foundation can have several
employees that are not officers; we hope to get there soon.

So currently there are 100% officers, that means 100% politics. Meaning nothing will get done :)

Sorry, I couldn't help myself :)

/Jacob Carlborg

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