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FYI, I just installed the 2.069 version, and now I'm unable to compile some modules, getting the same "Error: out of memory". I isolated a tiny one raising the issue, and its all about a moderately complex ctRegex expression (see below) that seems to brake the compiler. Other modules also raise the problem, but they are bigger in term of code lines.



Yes indeed, Windows... is it a problem (the previous version was fine with my environment)?

I guess the issue is that the Windows DMD binary is 32-bit and supports addressing only 2GB (or 4GB if it's Large Address Space aware), whereas on other OSs it's 64-bit by default and doesn't have this limitation.

Maybe if you need to keep using Windows your best option is to build a 64-bit DMD yourself. I think the easiest way to do this on Windows is to use Digger: https://github.com/cybershadow/Digger

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