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FYI, I just installed the 2.069 version, and now I'm unable to compile some modules, getting the same "Error: out of memory". I isolated a tiny one raising the issue, and its all about a moderately complex ctRegex expression (see below) that seems to brake the compiler. Other modules also raise the problem, but they are bigger in term of code lines.



Yes indeed, Windows... is it a problem (the previous version was fine with my environment)?

You will need to add the add the LARGEADDRESSAWARE flag to your executable manually. It is supposed to be done automatically, but it is not working currently, so you will have to do it manually... It indeed stopped working since 2.069.0. Unfortunately, it is a royal pain in the anus, because you need to download the WDK. To save you some pain, if you have Windows 10, it's WDK doesn't install property, so you best install WDK 8.1 which works smooth. Perhaps there are some other tools that do it, but I am always reluctant to download these sort of stuff from untrusted sources.

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