On Tue, 08 Dec 2015 22:07:15 +0000, deadalnix wrote:

> That's fucking ridiculous.
> I'm sorry, but strong word are warranted on that one. Memory consumption
> have been an issue for a while now. Never freeing and assuming
> everything will be already to win few ms out of a build is the most
> ridiculous choice dmd has done.
> Especially on a 32bits build.
> Will this problem be taken seriously at some point ?

At the time of the C++ to D cutover, DMD did some GC-unsafe things. In 
the interests of expediency, since the compiler isn't a long-running 
process, they chose to disable the GC in the interim.

While at least some of these GC-unsafe behaviors have been excised, there 
is lingering concern that some might remain, so nobody has re-enabled the 
GC. This has been somewhat on the backburner; Windows has typically been 
of secondary concern to D devs, and Linux has 64-bit builds, so address 
space exhaustion hasn't been as problematic there.

Anyway, this is something that's intended to be fixed, and regular 64-bit 
Windows builds are something that should happen. It just requires the dev 
team to have better access to Windows.

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