On Wednesday, 9 December 2015 at 11:04:46 UTC, Tony wrote:
How are you defining "capitalizing"?

Climbing the ladder.

Many researchers don't want to climb the ladder (e.g. become head of department or even group leader) because it means that they spend 100% of their time on administration and none on research. So you'll see effects like having the leadership being passed around or being the result of peer pressure. Many already have 50% teaching, then a lot of overhead for administration/supervision, so maybe the time left over for actual research is 40% + spare time. Take any kind of leadership role and the research time may be swallowed by "urgent issues". Some researchers are also very conscious and probably spend more than they should on teaching which further erode available time. Another issue is that on the entry level research is more individualistic, but higher up it pays off to be in the same area as you colleges and being part of a community. So there are many reasons for people with tenure to stick to a smaller research area that they know well, but the bottomline is that if you only have 3 months to produce a quality paper then you have to stay specialized.

IMO, the most interesting papers are still published by experienced researchers, only in the rare cases are their early papers the most interesting.

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