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On Sunday, 20 December 2015 at 13:53:33 UTC, default0 wrote:
This is quick progress! Awesome! I finally have some free time on my hands, so I deleted my workspace and tried to set things up following the How to hack on DlangIDE steps again. After doing that and trying to compile on Debug/Win32 I get output with a linker error:
Any help in somehow getting this all to build would be much appreciated. Oh and of course "dub run" works just fine.

For me, Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition + recent Visual D works ok. Try to create some helloworld project using VisualD and build it. Does it work?

Clone dlangui and dlangide into the same directory (!!!)
Inside dlangui directory create directory /deps and clone dependencies into it (as described in readme).
Open dlangui/dlangui-msvc.sln
In workspace, select dlangide as a startup project.
Build dlangide.

As well you can try to build other projects (e.g. dmledit, tetris, example1) - does it work?

Simple Hello World project compiles and runs okay.

I did do that. My directory structure is like this:

Which I assume is what you are describing.
I just tried opening the setup I had from last time (ie dlangui-msvc.sln) and compile that (startup project set and all), now I get
OPTLINK : Warning 9: Unknown Option : OUT
OPTLINK : Error 12: Number Overflow : 
Building Debug\dlangide.exe failed!

I'm starting to think that either my VS or VD installation is cursed (I recently reinstalled VS though, so that shouldn't be it, maybe VD? But it generally works and I do have the latest stable version of it).

I redid my setup again right now, though, but apparently the current master has some compiler errors: src\dlangui\core\files.d(264): Error: cannot implicitly convert expression (lastSlash + 1LU) of type ulong to uint src\dlangui\core\files.d(354): Error: cannot implicitly convert expression (start) of type ulong to uint.

After crudely fixing these with cast(uint) I got it to build though. So, something about my computer is definitely cursed (I ran the EXACT same commands as always - basically straight copy-paste from the Readme in DlangIDE and I didn't notice any changes to this file since I first did the setup).

Anyhow, it finally builds! \o/

Thanks a lot for the help and putting up with my incompetence at diagnosing issues through this, will probably start hacking away on things as time permits :-)

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