On 12/26/15 12:29 AM, Joakim wrote:

1. Saying "Anywho" to segue to a new topic seems to be a verbal tic of
Andrei's now.

2. It's claimed that scoped imports sped up D compilation: has this been
measured?  It would help if measurements were cited, as done for
compile-time regex performance at the end.

3. It's better that you show usage examples of a PEGGED grammar now, as
opposed to a previous talk that ended with the mixin slide, but I think
it'd be best if you actually worked a toy example out and showed the
generated D code, to really drive the point home.  Even better if it
wasn't something you could trivially write in D itself, like the
arithmetic example you gave.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll keep it in mind. -- Andrei

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