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I completely agree. The most recognisable symbols I can think of are
characters. An "A" is clearly an "A" regardless of color, shading, or
its surroundings. I think a logo should be recognisable in silhouette -
this tends to keep it simple, portable, and customisable. This could
include an official default color to enhance recognition/association.
The default would just be there when there is not a strong reason to use
something else, but if you want to incorporate the logo into some other
artwork (slides, t-shirts, etc.) you have much greater flexibility.

The official logo should just be the D with the moons, not the entire
box. The default color seems to have become that red color so the
default logo would either be a red D (with moons) or, using negative
space, a white D surrounded by red (as shown in the proposed header).
There may be a time the shiny stylized box version fits the design, but
the new site is certainly the place. The box feels like other design
elements that crept into a logo and got stuck there.

I completely agree. I could even go so far to say that the default should be black and white. It gives more freedom to do customizations and different versions. I have several Apple products and the logo doesn't have the same color on any of them.

/Jacob Carlborg

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