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> That won't be happening anytime soon.
> Until we have image and windowing in Phobos (I'm working on both)
> there 
> is no way a GUI toolkit is going in. And from what I know there will
> be 
> a LOT of work to update it.

How about we have a D library infrastructure such that Phobos gets
smaller and smaller providing only absolutely necessary core things
over druntime.

If the Python, Rust, Go, etc. stories tell us anything, it is that the
days of "batteries included" distributions is long, long dead. DVCS
changes the game.

Phobos the library needs to go to be replaced by a library search and
use system. Oh we already have one, Dub.

The strategy should be "get rid of anything in Phobos that can be put
out as a separate library".
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