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On Saturday, 27 February 2016 at 16:21:05 UTC, Sönke Ludwig wrote:
This is a small bugfix release that mainly fixes two critical

- FreeListRef!T, which is used heavily in the HTTP server code, stored its reference count in an unallocated memory region, leading to
   possible memory leaks or memory corruption

- A TCP connection with a non-empty write buffer that got closed by the remote peer and locally at the same time could result in the calling task to starve (i.e. it got never resumed after yielding execution). In particular, this could happen when accessing HTTPS servers with the HTTP client in conjunction with "Connection: close".


You forgot to update site header.

Thanks, also forgot the documentation (even if nothing has changed).

Is there any plans on when big split will happen?

It will be a step-by-step process. I'm currently working on a new version of the `vibe.core` package that contains some large changes under the hood. Once that is in a functional state, I'll look into how to enable optional replacement of the existing vibe:core package by this new, separately hosted vibe-core package. vibe:core, at that point, will only receive bug fixes and continues to live for a while (let's say a year or one and a half).

The same procedure will then happen for vibe:http (the new package will include HTTP/2 support) and the other sub packages.

All of the new packages will get a version number of 1.0.0, once they can be considered reasonably stable.

One unfortunate aspect of my current work on vibe-core is that I'm building on a new event loop abstraction that I built as a prototype to see where the performance bottlenecks of the current system are. libasync was too slow and it had a too complicated structure to make quick tests for improving performance. Now I'm leaning towards finalizing the new prototype library and proposing it for Phobos inclusion at some point.

Hi Sonke,

I'm really interested in your work on a new event loop abstraction. One of the big issues for the project I'm working on is that the current implementation is not @nogc and nothrow (while most of my code that doesn't interact with vibe.d is nothrow, @nogc and where possible pure). Another thing that I would like to request is support for std.experimental.allocator. I need to be able to provide an allocator through which all vibe-core allocations should happen. Just to clarify, I'm only interested in having a @nogc/nothrow event loop, as my project is a rather low-level (it is meant to be used both from C and D code) and I won't need the other parts of the framework (like web, db, etc.). And I think it's OK to use the GC for application-level logic.

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