That's an auto-generated listing of all versions of DMD, GDC and LDC available on travis-ci.

It also lists the front-end (DMDFE) version used by each, and the LLVM version for each LDC (all auto-generated as well).

If the site goes down, please post an issue report at either of the project sites below. It'll ping me.

I really wanted this because I found updating the compiler lists in my .travis.yml files to be a constant pain - especially for GDC/LDC since I never have a clue which versions use which front-end or even what versions are available, and the relevant information was spread across the separate respective sites for each compiler.

Project pages for this tool (for anyone interested):

Still todo:

- Auto-trigger an update check on a regular basis (I'm thinking once daily?) so I don't have to stay on top of new compiler versions and trigger an update manually. (I can use Travis's API to do this.)

- Make the listing page prettier.

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