On 04/28/2016 04:03 PM, Seb wrote:

FYI you miss the available ldc alpha and betas. On purpose?

Didn't initially occur to me, but I'd say that's a "possible future enhancement". It will take more work, and some extra thought, to figure out how to handle:

Right now, my tool relies on the ability to say in .travis.yml "just give me the latest available version" (by saying, ex "dmd" instead of "dmd-2.070.0"). Then my tool checks which version that turned out to be and posts it. I'm not aware of an equivalent that includes alpha/beta releases. I wonder if it would be easy enough for the folks handling D on travis to add? That would be the easiest way for me.

I *could* manually trigger it for each alpha/beta *already* available (like I did to initially populate the database with all the earlier versions of everything). I guess that would be information worth archiving. But that still doesn't give me a way to capture new alphas/betas automatically. Hmm, I do have an idea for how to do that, but it may be a little convoluted so I'd have to get to it later.

I guess...we'll see ;)

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