On Tuesday, 17 May 2016 at 13:04:23 UTC, Bruno Medeiros wrote:
Interesting. I was about to ask what was the main advantage over GDB? I reckon it is that Mago can debug executables with the COFF and/or OMF formats, right? (as opposed to GDB's DWARF format)

Mago currently has the best D language support on Windows. Can debug DMD generated executables.

Do you know any GDB version + compiler version which works ok on Windows? Even w/o D demangling. At least able to create breakpoints, step, continue, examining threads, stack frames, local variables. In gdb+gdc combination I tried, gdb shows global variables instead of stack variables.

Does DDT work ok with GDB on Windows? What compiler can be used to get GDB debugging working?

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