On Friday, 20 May 2016 at 03:15:46 UTC, E.S. Quinn wrote:
Unfortunately in this particular case, CDT's debugging is pretty fancy and is going to need most if not all of the MI.

I also don't know which MI commands need to be supported to have it work with DDT. The thing is I didn't write the GDB debugger integration for DDT, I just reused the one from CDT. So I'm not that familiar with those internals.

BTW, the MI integration is fairly language agnostic, so in theory your debugger could be used by CDT to debug C/C++ programs too, no? At least those generated by DMC. Maybe Visual Studio ones too?

I'm experimenting with the build of mago-mi that comes with the current ~master for dlangide, and it seems to throw an unrecognized parameter error when on the --log-level=TRACE parameter.

And it seems that the version string it returns upsets eclipse, as it throws the following error:

Could not determine GDB version using command: D:\WinHome\<redacted>\AppData\Roaming\dub\packages\dlangide-master\bin\mago-mi.exe --version
 Unexpected output format:

 mago-mi debugger v0.1

Though, from my experience using it in Linux, eclipse-CDT's debugger seems pretty full-featured; it will likely require large swaths of mi functionality to be fully useful.

Need to show version like lldb-mi does - writes gnu gdb version, then says that really it's not a GDB

Let me check problem with --log-level

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