On 17/05/2016 17:56, Vadim Lopatin wrote:
On Tuesday, 17 May 2016 at 13:04:23 UTC, Bruno Medeiros wrote:
Interesting. I was about to ask what was the main advantage over GDB?
I reckon it is that Mago can debug executables with the COFF and/or
OMF formats, right? (as opposed to GDB's DWARF format)

Mago currently has the best D language support on Windows. Can debug DMD
generated executables.

Do you know any GDB version + compiler version which works ok on Windows?
Even w/o D demangling. At least able to create breakpoints, step,
continue, examining threads, stack frames, local variables. In gdb+gdc
combination I tried, gdb shows global variables instead of stack variables.

Does DDT work ok with GDB on Windows? What compiler can be used to get
GDB debugging working?

While DDT technically work oks with GDB (the GDB from mingw-w64 that is), you are right, there isn't a compiler on Windows that supplies debug info in the way GDB understands. See https://wiki.dlang.org/Debuggers.

DMD produces debug info COFF or OMF format, which GDB doesn't know anything about (nor ever will). LDC should in theory work with DWARF info, but this is broken somehow. Not because of LLVM though, since for example Rust on Windows works. As for GDC, it doesn't even supply binaries for Windows (that target Windows) - it is not a supported platform.

BTW, Eclipse/DDT should in theory work with mago-mi as well, at least if the protocol is implemented correctly. Have you tried it? I dunno how complete your MI implementation is.

Bruno Medeiros

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