On Monday, 23 May 2016 at 20:08:11 UTC, Daniel N wrote:
This pull request just removes an intentional restriction and make this feature more easily accessible for meta-programming, so that not everyone has to reinvent the wheel in their own libraries.

Soooo I'm actually not entirely convinced on that change. Parameter names should *not* be part of a function pointer or delegate type - that's not supported and kinda randomly buggy to depend on (if the types match, the names might not: the compiler is free to reuse the structure for matching types which means the names you get might be the ones from a previous definition!)

Alias arguments are IMO different though, because they aren't a function pointer/delegate type, they are actually a function symbol, just one that happens to be defined inline. They should work.

But I think the restriction on delegates' parameter names is actually a good one, protecting you from bugs in more complex programs.

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