On Wednesday, 25 May 2016 at 09:24:31 UTC, Daniel N wrote:
From an end-user perspective I find it reasonable to expect that an API which takes lambda:s works consistently for both below examples. i.e. if we support one we should support the other.

[1] fun!(     x  => y)
[2] fun!((int x) => y)

Those are indeed both can work to fetch names, though they aren't exactly the same since the first one is a template and the second one isn't. The technique is slightly different right now, but both doable (and I have no objection to unifying the techniques)

The big difference I'm talking about is passing them as an alias argument vs as a runtime argument. Runtime function pointers lose many of the introspection capabilities of compile time alias arguments (well, runtime args still can pretend to give you names, but you'll find it doesn't actually work very well).

From the looks of the Phobos PR too, it looks like some of the commentators conflated the two issues too: template vs non-template isn't the same as alias vs delegate.

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