On Tuesday, 31 May 2016 at 14:28:02 UTC, Dicebot wrote:
Can it be built from just plain dmd/phobos install available? One of major concernc behind discussion that resulted in Atila reggae effort is that propagating additional third-party dependencies is very damaging for build systems. Right now Button seems to fail rather hard on this front (i.e. Lua for build description + uncertain amount of build dependencies for Button itself).

Building it only requires dmd+phobos+dub.

Why is having dependencies so damaging for build systems? Does it really matter with a package manager like Dub? If there is another thread that answers these questions, please point me to it.

The two dependencies Button itself has could easily be moved into the same project. I kept them separate because they can be useful for others. These are the command-line parser and IO stream libraries.

As for the dependency on Lua, it is statically linked into a separate executable (called "button-lua") and building it is dead-simple (just run make). Using the Lua build description generator is actually optional, it's just that writing build descriptions in JSON would be horribly tedious.

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