The release candidate is planned for the 6th, so please take a moment to test this release. Instead of `dub upgrade --prerelease`, edit dub.selections.json directly and put 0.7.29-beta.2 as the vibe-d version (there is already an alpha version of 0.7.30 out, so the upgrade would pick that instead).

Main changes over 0.7.28:

 - Drops support for DMD frontend 2.066.x and below and adds support up
   to 2.071.0
 - Removes all deprecated functionality, as well as the libev driver
 - Contains considerable performance improvement for URLRouter
 - Contains a critical fix for the Json struct, which was prone to
   dangling pointers due to wrong alignment on x64
 - Hopefully removes all instances of "Manually resuming taks that is
   already scheduled" assertion failures

All changes:

DUB package:

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