The D Blog was born at DConf this year. With help from Jack Stouffer, it is now live at:

The inaugural post is a short list of some of the work Andrei is doing with the D Foundation. That's one of the things you can expect to see -- updates on what's going on behind the scenes, sometimes with more detail than what you see in this first post. You will also see posts regarding projects in the D community at large (and I am going to scour the web for projects from people who don't post here -- I know they're out there) and guest posts from certain people I intend to prod into action. I hope it becomes a source of useful information for the community and beyond.

It may take a short bit for me to get my blog legs back. It's been a long time since I've done this on a regular basis. Once I find my rhythm, I hope to establish a regular posting pattern.

The theme is not set in stone, so if you have any suggestions fire away.

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