On 2016-07-16 22:34, Sebastiaan Koppe wrote:
Just to let you guys know - and to be sure no one is doing the same - I
decided to go ahead and *start* writing an autotester that will fetch
dmd nightly and unittest each dub package.

It will be using a classic master-worker architecture and will leverage
docker containers.

I am aiming really low at first, but will eventually add things like
memory usage, history, notifications, etc.

Why not using something existing, like GitLab? Although GitLab is a source code hosting system its CI is excellent. It uses a master-worker architecture as well, GitLab being the master and one or more runners. Runners are available for all major operating systems: macOS, Linux and Windows. For Linux a Docker runner is available. This way it could run tests on multiple platforms. The installation is straight forward with native packages.

/Jacob Carlborg

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