On Monday, 5 September 2016 at 13:13:03 UTC, Rory McGuire wrote:

Great news! Any chance you post the commit link in your announcements? Would be really interested in being able to do a quick scan of what changed.
At the moment writing a change-log would be tedious busywork since everything changes all the time.
For that latest commit I just see the below. Is this all the changes? :) what does it mean? (you replaced the old ctfe for functions with your new

Yes and no, I did not replace the old ctfe I merely placed myself in front of it.
Therefore I can leverage the existing mechanism for calls.
And replace a function call by the expression it yields.

For certain kind of function-calls (Those that change visible state) This is going to fail or produce incorrect code.

But I am working on it :)

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