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On Wednesday, 5 October 2016 at 08:34:06 UTC, Rory McGuire wrote:

No worries, I've been watching this space for over a decade. I really
believe you are working on one of the most important parts of IT for
the next decade. I am planning/making a library that uses CTFE
extensively and feel much more confident about it purely because of
your work on getting CTFE performance to be a non-issue.


Little update here:
The LLVM backend is almost on feature parity.
Meaning that that soon the new CTFE engine is a real jit.
In the process I discoverd quite a few horrible bugs and inconsistency
in the API.
I am quite astonished that it ever ran before :)

That LLVM thing is surely nice to have but I highly doubt it will be allowed as dependency for DMD.

Dmitry Olshansky

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